Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Thankfulness." Wow, such a hard word to live out sometimes. I know this is such a God-glorifying word, but man is it hard to have it be a part of my thinking. But, God has totally been changing my heart lately. I have, since Robbie and I got married, felt like we were just struggling so bad financially, and were just in a really hard spot. And it hasn't been until here recently with things getting tougher and the economy getting worse that God has really changed me, every day I get up even when I am struggling, and sometimes wondering how we will pay the bills, and just think "thank you Lord that I have bills, bills mean I have a house to live in, a car to drive, electricity to live with, and an education." The thought that I never imagined I would have "Thank you Lord for my bills", but WOW, think about it, if you are priveledged enough to have bills, whether you think you can pay them or not, you are blessed, MUCH more blessed than most people in the world.

It is definitely time for our generation to step up and move past all our crazy selfishness and indulgences that swallow up our entire being. We must move past ourselves and on to the well-being of others.

This is why I feel so blessed to be a part of a church like Next Level, and feel so thankful that we have other churches in our city like Ridge that desire to team up and change the landscape of Charlotte, and our world.