Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Boy!

Well, here is the big news, we are having a BOY! Yes, another one. We went
yesterday morning at 9:15 to have my ultrasound done. I was really excited because originally my ultrasound wasn't supposed to be until Friday, and my Docotor called me on Monday and asked to reschedule for Tuesday, and of course sooner=better for me! ;) So we went yesterday morning and I think EVERYONE except for Robbie was expecting them to tell me that I was having a girl, but we started the ultrasound and after a little shaking him around so we could see in between his little legs, there was no denying that we were having a BOY! I was a little disappointed at first, and felt a little tear well up in my eye, but then I realized that Caleb was going to have a little brother, VERY COOL!

Well we went out to Concord Mills last night to do a little "celebrating", woman style, and got to do a little shopping. When I suddenly realized in the Carter's store that I was going to be able to dress Caleb and Baby Boy #2 alike I got REALLY excited, haha. Anyway, the point is, it will be really fun and a huge blessing to be the parents of two little boys. I can't wait to meet our new little one, and see what life brings us. We are truly blessed, thank you God!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm an AUNT!

I am so excited to say that I am now an Aunt! My brother and his wife just had a beautiful little boy named Gavin Ray Hooks on July 25th! I had the priveledge of going and staying with them for the first week they were home, to help them in any way I could and of course to get some good quality time in with my new little nephew, Gavin! When they came to pick me up from the airport the day I arrived and I looked down at little Gavin for the first time I couldn't believe how incredible TINY he was! I guess after a year and a half of life with Caleb I had forgotten how small he was when he was born. Caleb weighed a pound less than Gavin at birth, CRAZY!!! It was such a blessing to be able to be there with them to help when I could and just see them as new parents! (they are GREAT by the way) I got there on a Tuesday and stayed there without Robbie and Caleb until Sunday when they came down. We then Stayed until Wednesday as a family. It was really cute to see Caleb's curiosity with Gavin, because we will have our own little bundle of joy come January. Caleb likes trying to put Gavin's paci in his mouth, haha, so cute! I love all of these monumentous moments in life that we can look back on a smile about! Life is an amazing thing!