Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caleb's Swim Lessons

Caleb got to take swim lessons in April. It is usually a 4 week session, but because Easter is in April they just did a3week session. I have been meaning to sign him up for a while and the swim season started getting closer and closer, soI figured it was probably time. I have always loved to swim, from an early age and was actually on competitive swim teams in Middle school and high school, so it is really important for me that my kids learn how to swim and have a chance to develop a love for swimming.
Caleb already proved to us last summer that he is a little fish that loves to swim, so I knew that he would do great with swim lessons already being comfortable around the water. He was excited about his first swim lesson and was a ready and willing participantjust as I thought he would be. His fellow classmates on the other hand were another story....there was one other little girl that was totally fine just like Caleb, but the other kids were screaming bloody murder.haha. Caleb was fine for the whole lesson, but there was one point where I had to reassure him that everything was ok, because the other kids screaming and crying were starting to scare him.
I was so proud of him and how great he did. I won't say anything else because the pictures speak for themselves...