Friday, October 31, 2008

Sick week! =(

Man, it has been way too long since I have posted a blog and I figured it was about time to start again! Well, the whole family has been VERY sick this week, no fun at all. I always knew that being sick was terrible, but that misery multiplies times a gazillion when you have to see your baby sick, take care of him, and take care of yourself all at the same time! It started off with Robbie, then Caleb last weekend, and then my body finally decided to get it around Tuesday, ugg. But, last Saturday we did get to do something fun, we went to the pumpkin patch. It is Caleb's first Haloween and he got to get his first pumpkin and see a WHOLE BUNCH of them. We also got to go on a hayride, see animals, and watch Daddy and Tio go through a corn maze. I say all of that stuff, knowing full well that I just wanted to go for the photo op! lol. I took a gazillion pictures as always, and actually made Robbie hold the camera for the majority of the time, so it wouldn't seem like 10 years from now that I was just a ghost in this time, lol. But, it saying all of that it was a lot of fun! Caleb is at such a cute age right now, because instead of saying what he is thinking, everything comes out in an expression! So the faces are priceless! I try to catch all of them in a picture, but that definitely doesn't happen! Today is Halloween, and we are not dressing Caleb up, going Trick or Treating, or handing out candy at our door. We are going to the Opening Night for the Charlotte Checkers! Definitely a McLaughlin thing! We love our sports, so much fun!

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kay said...

love that face!!

we have been sick here too. hope you guys are feeling better!