Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley shouldn't be their role model anyway...

So, the horrid, disgusting, disturbing "performance" from Miley Cyrus on the VMA's has sparked a lot of debate and discussion...and now, its my turn.  After reading several really wonderful blog posts about it, one here:


I have decided to weigh in on the topic and here is my two cents...  Miley Cyrus should not be a role model for our children.  I know we don't have complete control over who our kids look up to in life, in all actuality we have a lot LESS control than we would like.  But, in saying that, here is what I want to teach my children:  people who aren't followers of Christ, who don't claim to be looking to the creator of morality, should not be expected to live moral lives.  Therefore, we should not be looking up to them as a guide of what a good life should look like.  We should spend a WHOLE lot LESS time talking about how sad it is that we can't allow our children to look up to Miley Cyrus anymore... who started off as a Disney star, etc, etc...and spend a whole lot MORE time talking about how our children should not look up to people who do not claim to be followers of Christ.  We should teach our children to be christ followers, to be people who live lives worthy to be followed.  We have to teach our kids that we live in a world full of people.  People are fallen, messed up, and have no compass by which to live their lives unless they are followers of Christ.  That's it...bottom line.  Celebrities, musicians, professional athletes...they are all people, nothing more/nothing less.  Let's spend time teaching THAT to our kids.  Let's make sure they know that "Miley's" are just people who don't know Jesus.  People who don't claim to follow a set of morals.   People who need a savior just as much as we do.

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