Sunday, January 4, 2009

A season for everything...

I just had to sit down tonight and talk a little bit about my for those of you that hate all of that mushy stuff, I will try and keep most of that out! Robbie has just blown me away lately with how selflessly he has given himself to his work and the position God has him in at Next Level Church right now.  He is not getting to do all of the things that he has always loved and is EXTREMELY talented at, like leading worship, speaking, or shepherding.  But, he is just doing what he feels like God has called him to do right now, because he loves getting the opportunity to learn from and work around some of the most amazing leaders!  AND not only is he doing it, he is doing it whole-heartedly, and passionately!  He is constantly giving himself away without needing or requiring praise for it, but he still does it and doesn't complain. I watched Robbie go to the church this morning at 8:00 am, and is still there now, even long after everyone else is gone, working, without complaint.  Why, because he loves his church, his job, and his God!  WOW, what an incredible man of God that truly loves his creator and longs to see everyone know the savior he knows!

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