Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Lost Identity of a Mother

Wow, can I just say that I am no longer Samantha McLaughlin, young, vibrant, spontaneous, crazy 21 year old. I am now MAMA! It's crazy how different points in our lives totally change our identity, especially becoming a Mommy. I can no longer, eat, sleep, play, PEE, work, or anything else for that matter, when I want to. My life is no longer about Samantha its about Caleb. I only fulfill my needs once his have been totally met. It's crazy to me how much life has changed since I had Caleb now 7 1/2 months ago, WOW! My identity of Samantha McLaughlin has totally been lost somewhere and I now hold the identity of Caleb's Mommy, truly one of the most beautiful yet trying identities in the world. SO, in saying all of that, I am creating this blog to keep my sanity, to somewhere within myself keep the Samantha McLaughlin side and not just the Mommy side. (Although the majority of this blog will probably consist of me telling stories about my adventures as MAMA) I thought, "You know what, if I want to stay sane while raising Caleb, and eventually probably many more children, then I have to release my thoughts somewhere." So, out of that thought, this Blogspot is born! Coming soon: Many more blogs on "A Look into the McLaughlin Life."


Amber Sloan said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Will be checking in daily.

kay said...

he is such a cutie!!! and being a mommy is such hard work but oh so worth it!!

great chatting with you tonight. hope to see you at church soon!

oyer said...

Hey, I got on ;o)
Love seeing you last night even if we didn't get to talk much. As you already know being a mom is not easy and your life will never be the same.It does show that God has a sense of humor, so we should too :O)