Saturday, August 23, 2008

You have done great things!

Man, God is so amazing and has truly done great things! It seems like no matter what he does for me, I always doubt him, and then he just proves me wrong over and over again. Well, we didn't get the house we were looking at in Crismark that we wanted to rent, BUT we found out that we actually qualify to buy a house! This is something that we thought wouldn't even be possible for us right now, but my dad and stepmom spoke some wisdom into our lives and told us to at least just find out if we would qualify, because you never know until you try, right? So, we took their advice and they were oh so right! We are now in the market to buy a house! One of the most exciting and scariest things we have ever done. We might even be able to build a house which we would really love to do. Sooo, we are now looking to maybe build in Crismark! Life is good, and God blesses even when I am not faithful to trust him. GOD ROCKS!!!!!


grant said...

here are some more words of wisdom from your big brother. Try to stay under budget (i.e. we can go up to 170,000 purchase price but are still looking at houses from 100,000 to 170,000) my goal is to not max myself out with mortgage, b/c it's always more expensive than you think. Utility bills, pmi, taxes, etc. Be smart now and you won't get forclosed on later like all these other yahooo's out here.

Amber Sloan said...

How exciting! Congrats and have fun. It can be a little overwhelming at times, but you'll be fine. Missed seeing you guys yesterday. It's strange without you, but hope you're happy in Matthews!

kay said...

God does rock!! that's awesome for you guys!! i'll be praying for you!