Monday, August 18, 2008

One of the most dreaded words EVER: Moving!

Ahh moving, such a dreaded thing. Robbie and I have done it already 5 times since we have been married.(and we have only been married 3 years!) We are currently renting a house in Matthews, we love the house and love the location, but definitely couldn't buy this house and stay here long term because its too small to grow a family in. Our landlord just let us know that she is putting the house up for sale, SOOO, we have to move! UGH!!! Not only does moving totally suck, we have to somehow come up with a security deposit for a new house, which we definitely do not have right now. We found a house in a neighborhood called Crismark in Indian Trail that would be perfect for us, its got 2 more bedrooms than this house, more square feet, bigger girage, in UNION COUNTY (I have wanted to be back in UC for awhile, lower taxes, better schools, etc.), just all around a great house. So we will be putting in an application for the house today and just praying that God works some kind of miracle for the security deposit. So all of you reading this out there, get in touch with me and book a Pampered Chef show! haha.


kay said...

i hate to hear that for you guys!! i will be praying that the Lord will continue to provide and that if it's His will then everything will fall into place!

grant said...

its garage not girage....haha